The internet wants YOU: Consider a career in cyber security

Why pursue a career in cyber security? First 2 reasons are job security & good pay. Stay tuned all week for more reasons

If job security is important to you, then there are few fields with more opportunity than cybersecurity. Everyone agrees that there are not enough candidates with even rudimentary skills to fill the available openings. The only disagreement is how many openings need to be filled – estimates range from 1.8 to 3.5 million by 2020.

With that many openings, security professionals can pretty much pick their industry, company, and location. And should one position not work out for whatever reason, there are many, many other openings from which to choose. And salaries easily reach six figures. This recent article in Forbes magazine summarises the situation well.

If you’re thinking that IT and info security are not particularly flashy or cool, stay tuned for our other reasons throughout this week that may change your mind.

Be the hero! An appealing aspect of cyber security is that every day you’re fighting the good fight against the bad guys

Look around at the industries in which your friends work. Maybe they’re working on technology to help people to watch more TV, or play cooler games.

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Article Credit: Information Age

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