Pocket milling approach – Expert machinist


I investigated with my problem : when i activate approach distance (e.i 3 mm from the workpiece), creo add new line in CL file:

15 GOTO / 23.434,-22.479,3.00 -> OK approach


17 GOTO / 23.434,-22.479,1.00 -> NOK, line add with out reason ….


When the pocket is created, the top of the feature stop to a datum plane created automatiquely by creo (ADTM1 in the picture).

But it’s impossible to control the height of this plane

In the CL file, creo create a approach correctly and after it create a extra plunge to this plane.

I don’t find any matter to control this plane or to suppress this anormaly motion (with ramp entry).

I think this motion is very dangerous for tool because it product in rapid.

If the real stock is too big, the tool can enter in collision with it ….

Help me please !!!!!!

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