mat'l removal simulation: “Could not tessellate”

Posting this question for a co-worker, will do my best to use the correct terminology.

Creo 3.0

In Mfg he brings in the “stock model” (raw casting)

Next he brings in the “reference model” (finished part)

Both models appear normal on the screen.

Hits a menu option “Play Path” seems to work , and displays on the screen correctly.

The problem:

He wants to use the menu option “Material Removal Simulation” in Module Works. When he makes this menu selection, the casting and finished part disappear and we find two messages in the Creo message log window:

“Could not tessellate stock model”

“Could not tessellate reference model”

Any ideas?

He has used the “Material Removal Simulation” before and it has worked correctly.

He has also had the error before, so it’s not unique to this current part.

Thanks for your feedback.   Bruce

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