How Nexus A.I. Is Helping Companies Discover Untapped Talent

Nexus A.I. is a Chicago, Illinois-based company that has developed an artificial intelligence platform to help enterprises find skilled teams. Nexus A.I. can recommend the best employees or teams for any project in seconds. Nexus utilizes data analytics to curate employee skills and experiences to determine how well they would fit with projects and teams. The results become better over time and managers can view available employees and make staffing requests from a central dashboard.

To search for a resource, users simply have to fill out a two-minute form and include as much project information as needed. Every search will return a list of available specialists who give your project a higher likelihood of success. Nexus works with ConceptDrop to onboard vendors and freelancers as well. ConceptDraw has a proprietary matching technology for businesses to connect with freelancers.

Founded by Phil Alexander in 2014 under the name ConceptDrop, Nexus’ goal from the beginning has been to “find the right person at the right time” for solving common enterprise challenges. And by 2016, ConceptDraw’s smart matching features and algorithms started pairing nearly 100% of enterprise projects with contests, applications or human review.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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