Bitcoin buyers should be aware of the risks and look after themselves, top exchange CEO says

On Monday, European Union regulators warned cryptocurrencies were unsuitable investments and should be viewed as “highly risky” assets.

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) for securities, banking and insurance and pensions said in a joint statement that the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies was showing “clear signs of a pricing bubble.”

Elsewhere, billionaire investor Warren Buffett warned last month that the recent craze over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would almost certainly end badly. And, before walking back on his earlier criticisms at the start of the year, J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon previously described bitcoin as “fraud.”

When asked whether cryptocurrency traders should take the views of such seasoned investors seriously, Nick Spanos, CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corporation, replied: “Warren Buffett is good at renting furniture and whatever other businesses that he does, but we are in a different business,”

“I believe cryptocurrency is the people’s declaration of monetary independence,” he said on the same panel at the World Government Summit.

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