When I post out MULTAX I get:I have issues now when posting MULTAX vs ROTATE.

When I post out ncl for ROTATE I get:

N52 G3 X88.669 Y700.92 I0 J-31.75

N53 G1 Y519.508

N54 X-384.9

N55 Z239.2

N56 G0 X358.3 Y821.57

N57 G1 Z227.008

N58 X-128.32

N59 G3 X-229.92 Y719.932 I0 J-101.6

N60 G1 X-229.782 Y348.712

N61 G3 X-128.182 Y247.15 I101.6 J.038

N62 G1 X87.087

N63 G3 X188.604 Y344.649 I0 J101.6

N64 G1 X202.943 Y699.639

N65 G3 X171.219 Y732.67 I-31.724 J1.281

N66 G1 X120.419

N67 G3 X88.669 Y700.92 I0 J-31.75

N68 G1 Y519.508

N69 X-384.9

N70 Z369.28

When I post out MULTAX I get:

N67 G3 X88.669 Y700.92 I0 J-31.75

N68 G1 Y519.507

N69 X-384.9

N70 Z369.28

N71 G0 X-408.727 Y502.998 Z342.721 B7.334

N72 X-401.695 Y486.481 Z350.936 B19.668

N73 X-331.864 Y469.967 Z417.59 B41.222

N74 X-167.123 Y453.454 Z506.542 B72.607

N75 X-15.116 Y436.933 Z533.185 B100.417

N76 X37.598 Y420.415 Z532.072 B117.256

N77 X23.732 Y403.904 Z532.87 B126.932

N78 X-22.074 Y387.388 Z532.941 B133.182

N79 X-67.8 Y370.866 Z529.072 B139.427

N80 X-109.283 Y354.351 Z522.083 B146.078

N81 X-147.763 Y337.839 Z512.524 B152.987

N82 X-184.867 Y321.319 Z500.338 B159.965

N83 X-222.123 Y304.8 Z484.95 B166.808

N84 X-260.679 Y288.288 Z465.362 B173.33

N85 X-300.986 Y271.773 Z440.366 B179.405

It is like it is reading ahead on RETRACT and anticipating a move to B180.

Same Creo file, just Use Rotation on or off. Seems to be in the .ncl somehow. Anyone else see this problem? Creo Parametric 2.0 Date Code M220.

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T-Code is Modal still outputs an M06


I and setting up a post for a Leadwell V-60i and need to set the Tool as modal. When I set this option in the Tool Change Sequence output options to “T-code is modal” it will stop posting the T code but still posts an M06.

How can I set up my post not to post an M06 when the T code is modal?

Does any one have a post for this machine that they can share?


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