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Critical issues are thought provoking articles relating to strategy, legislation, technology, best practice and some of the most challenging business topics in the world of manufacturing and supply chain information technology. The articles in this section have been contributed by leading vendors, industry leaders, research analysts, trade associations and consultancies. 

This collection of articles cover a variety of topics relating to the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transportation and distribution marketplace across Europe. They look at market trends, improvements in technology and some thought provoking comment on all aspects of optimising and improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain from raw material to finished product.

Other important topics covered in this section concern Health and Safety in Logistics with articles from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).Taxation, government policy, climate change, recruitment and training schemes are all covered, as well as educational opportunities at various UK logistics educational facilities such at Cranfield University

How to avoid a logistical nightmare on Black Friday and beyond…

Research suggests logistics companies are struggling to keep pace with rising online sales. Making it easier to recruit temporary staff would help to get them back on track, says TempRocket’s Andrew Johnston.

'Retailers must innovate if they are to survive,' says CEO of international freshness brand

THE CEO of international freshness brand Micro-Fresh has warned retailers that they must embrace innovation and disruption if they are to survive.

Retailers need to outsource digital application to help weather a tough retail climate and improve the bottom line

The Retail climate is proving increasingly challenging for bricks-and-mortar stores of all sizes, with many major brands and familiar high-street names announcing profit warnings, job cuts and even store closures.

Going mobile: How retailers can embrace the portable world

By Huw Owen, Head of EMEA & APJ at Couchbase.

Mobile has revolutionised the way consumers interact with retailers – today’s shoppers expect a seamless omni-channel experience across all platforms, with mobile becoming a significant piece of the puzzle. In 2017, mobile commerce made up 59% of all online spending and by 2021, it is expected to account for a staggering three-quarters of ecommerce.

Only nine per cent of manufacturers are to invest in digital transformation projects over the next 12-18 months, reveals research from InfinityQS

New research by InfinityQS, the global authority on data-driven enterprise quality, has revealed that only nine per cent of manufacturers are planning to invest in digital transformation projects over the next 12-18 months.

Half of global wholesalers feel threatened by manufacturers selling direct

More than half of global wholesalers have witnessed manufacturers sell directly to end customers driving the disintermediation of the traditional supply chain model and increasing competitiveness between traditional partners, according to new research.

A vision for the future of retail

In a retail landscape that is changing daily, you have to be prepared for constant evolution. Stand still for too long try to assess how to take the next step forward and you may in fact find yourselves two steps backwards, or worse – a Datalogic white paper.

October 2018 edition of Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The October 2018 edition of Manufacturing & Logistics IT features a Special Technology Report on Printing & Labelling.

For this report, we spoke with a number of leading spokespeople from the vendor and analyst communities about recent, current and possible future developments within the world of printing & labelling technology.

The Perfect Platform – A B2B Online report

B2B customers are more demanding than ever. With targeted content on the rise, people expect relevant, accurate information to be made available at a moment’s notice. As a result, B2B companies are figuring out innovative ways to streamline their platforms. But where should you start?

Balancing B2B and B2C – the modern supply chain fulfilment challenge

Following Manhattan Associates’ Manhattan Exchange 2018 event in Amsterdam last week, Manufacturing & Logistics IT spoke with the company’s Senior Director – Product Management, Adam Kline, about the changing supply chain landscape and how state-of-the-art software, mobile devices, automation and robotics solutions can leverage major benefits for today’s warehouses and distribution centres.


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