10 Predictions For The Internet Of Things (IoT) In 2018

In a new report, Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale, Forrester Research predicts that the IoT will become the backbone of future customer value, the IoT infrastructure will shift to the edge and to specialized IoT platforms, developers will have a significant impact on platforms and initiatives, and security will remain a key concern.

Here’s my summary of what Forrester predicts will happen to IoT in 2018:

Enterprises will ramp up their efforts to pilot and roll out voice-based services to consumers.

The complexity, breadth and quality of voice-based services from the Fortune 500 will grow in 2018 with available services likely doubling. Financial services and other industries that demand authentication for anything more than a simple task will lag.

New European guidelines will give the green light for commercializing IoT data.

45% of data and analytics decision-makers at US enterprises say they already commercialize their data, whereas only 35% of those at French and 38% at German enterprises do so. Recognizing this lag, the European Commission will issue guidelines to encourage the use of advanced technology and spark the data economy.

Marketers will wake up to the IoT opportunity, while wearables remain a niche.

The hype and growing adoption of intelligent agents like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in more and more devices will open marketers’ eyes to new ways of interacting with customers. Building more intimate brand experience, they will extend their mobile moment strategy to include new interfaces with smart home speakers or smartwatches. Despite incremental sales of more than 12 million smartwatches in the US alone by the end of 2018, Forrester expects wearable usage to remain a niche.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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